Throughout pregnancy, during its intrauterine life, the baby develops a privileged relationship with its mother. This complicit relationship, maintained with the body in which it is carried, naturally extends until birth. Carrying the baby physically is the symbol of love, your presence and your warmth. It is quite possible to wear your baby to be in constant contact with him during shopping and other activities. This justifies the presence of tools such as: the baby carrier, the sling or the sling.

On a psychological level, the carrying approach allows your baby to feel loved, protected and safe.

baby carrier sling

wrap June 22 - Photo credit @lylyetlouis

Physiologically, it also allows easy motor development while avoiding the risk of plagiocephaly.

In terms of food, babywearing facilitates digestion for your newborn baby.

The list of advantages relating to these devices is long. Let's discover together the world of babywearing, the advantages and the reasons you have to invest in a baby carrier .

Discovering the world of babywearing

The German biologist Hassenstein claimed years ago that babies were programmed to be carried. A practice that has existed for thousands of years already, babywearing is not necessarily a “new fashion” as many make the mistake of thinking, but rather a simple means of loving the baby.

This approach had existed for years and began to be revisited from the 1970s in the West. In the past, babywearing was also a great way to keep close to your baby while doing other things. “Carrying” your baby is a way of cuddling it and entering into union with it. Carrying your baby allows you to establish an intimate bond with the baby by giving him warmth and constant affection.

Babywearing instructors define babywearing as an effective means of cradling the baby. They affirm that carrying supports the baby and at the same time allows him a very good psychomotor development. Rather than putting it in a stroller or pram, carrying your baby in a sling offers an obvious difference. Carrying your baby means carrying it against you using a means of carrying. It is the symbol of a good closeness between the parent and the baby. Carrying is a very practical solution, it can be ventral or dorsal.

Using tools like baby carriers or slings , the baby can be carried on the belly or on the back. Very useful solution to give contact and warmth to the baby during other activities. As a parent, it's important to choose the type of babywearing that's right for you. Choose the way that makes sense to you and then let the baby adjust to it gently.

In general, the fundamental advantage of carrying is essentially related to the stimulation of the baby's muscles, the facilitation of his digestion and his sleep. It is not insignificant to note that a crying baby calms down once in the arms of his parents. The universe of portage is loaded with several models of suitably designed devices. Some seem more effective than others or sometimes more suited to your lifestyle and your needs.

Fabric wraps, ergonomic baby carriers, Meï-Taï, slings and others are available on the market for your well-being and that of your child. It is important to recognize the baby carriers as well as the particulars is needed. They are less bulky than a stroller, secure and perfect for keeping baby asleep or awake. Let's take a look at the porting options available to you today.

The different types of carrying

Scientific, pediatric and psychological studies have proven that after birth, newborns need emotional continuity. For babies, human and emotional warmth are necessary to build their identity.

To bring you as close as possible to your child while offering optimal comfort to it, a diversity in terms of models of baby carriers is available on the market. Models likely to suit all tastes are provided to facilitate accessibility to all. Certain particularities make the difference from one model to another and are essentially intended to offer more conveniences. Choose a tailor-made solution that will guarantee your baby's well-being.

  • The ergonomic baby carrier : It is strongly recommended from an advanced age, 4 or 5 months after birth. As its name suggests, the ergonomic model adapts easily to the morphology of the baby and that of the wearer. Modern all-terrain baby carrier, it promotes your baby's motor development by preventing hip problems. Unlike the scarf and the Mei Tei, the ergonomic model is already ready-made, therefore ready-to-wear. All you have to do is put it on and ensure the safety rules for you and your baby.

ergonomic baby carrier

Baby carrier Easy Baby velvet - Photo credit @sabrina.senhorita

  • The baby wrap: This type of babywearing gives your baby softness and calm. The scarf is simple, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is a versatile babywearing model for all occasions. It is very practical for the house as well as for outings. The wrap may be the most suitable type of baby carrier for you due to its multifunctionality. To put it on, it's quite simple after taking carrying lessons. Imagine a bustier: take your scarf in the middle, then cross the sides at the back so as to form a cross. After having realized this, install your baby sitting-crouching by holding him well by the buttocks and by clearing his feet as well as possible. Once the scarf comfortably hides his hands, bring the selvage up to his ears, tighten on each side. Then pass over her buttocks by making sections, and then cross in a flat knot in the back. You can also watch tutorials that show you how to tie your sling on your own.
  • The Meï-taï or Chinese baby carrier : This type of portage is very practical for parents who do not wish to invest in a traditional sling. Effective from birth to 3 years of age, Meï-taï adapts perfectly to your baby's growth. This type of carry is flexible and allows you to choose the most suitable position for you and your baby. As simple as a conventional sling, the Meï-taï is very easy to tie. A quick and easy tutorial will show you in a few steps how to place your Meï-taï .
  • The sling : Also called the sling without a knot, it is very easy to use and adapts very easily. It comes in handy for busy parents. It allows you to discreetly breastfeed your baby during your breaks. This template is perfect if you have a fast paced life and need to get things done quickly. It is compact, easy and quick to put on, then very comfortable for your baby. You can get an organic sling that offers one hundred percent organic cotton quality. The comfort of use is incomparable, like the models available on our June 22 store.
organic cotton sling
Palm Sensation organic cotton sling - Photo credit @mesblondinets

Safety rules for safe carrying

Parents and future parents, it is important to know the different types of carrying for your baby. It is also ideal to know more about the different safety rules to take full advantage of your baby carrier or sling.

Safety rules apply at all levels. Before explaining the advantages of each type of carrier, here are a few essential safety rules. As a parent, it is important to master the safety measures in order to get the most benefit from the use of your tool.

By keeping your baby using a sling, a baby carrier or a sling, you must take care of certain sensitive details.

  • Don't forget that you have to position your child facing you. Even if it is a case of a back carry, please make sure that the baby is facing you. This is a major safety rule. Click here to learn more about the risks of carrying in the face of the world.
  • Your child's nose and mouth must be clear to facilitate breathing during your movements. Make sure his back is snug against the wrap . Wrapped and supported by the fabric, he will feel very comfortable sitting.
  • Regularly monitor your child's posture in the baby carriers.
  • Be vigilant in your movements.
  • Opt for 100% organic cotton or OKEO TEX which guarantees quality in chemical products for your child.
  • Your baby must be installed in a physiological position.

The main means of carrying, their advantages and disadvantages.

Concerned about your comfort and that of your baby, here are the advantages of each means of carrying. Let's start with the baby carrier first.

Baby carriers

Ergonomic baby carriers are highly coveted for several reasons. They are :

  • respectful of the comfort of parents and baby;
  • ready to use, modern and do not require a tutorial or practice;
  • evolutionary and perfectly adapted to the growth of the baby.

As for the cons, the ergonomic baby carrier has one major drawback. It is often less comfortable for children, especially young children.

baby carrier

Easy Baby baby carrier - Photo credit @Emelinnee

A carrying scarf

A sling has many advantages, an exhaustive list of which cannot be drawn up. Among the advantages, a scarf:

  • allows the baby to settle down, rounded back in a suitable physiological position;
  • offers various tying possibilities and can be put on in different ways (on the stomach, back, hip and others);
  • is an all-terrain means of carrying, suitable for both home and outings;
  • stimulates baby's appetite and aids digestion;
  • won't hurt your back during long rides like other carriers that abound on the market;
  • offers immense flexibility in your various activities;
  • allows you to lie down and sleep with your baby without any risk;
  • is an all-terrain tool;
  • offers good value for money.

Although it is very coveted by some moms because of its advantages, the classic wrap has one main drawback.

  • Learning time. Many young mothers find that the learning curve for tying a classic sling is quite long. We recommend that you take lessons given by a babywearing instructor.

The Mei-Tai

Meï-Taï also has proven advantages that justify its specificity:

  • perfect flexibility to hug your child's back;
  • it is scalable and adapts perfectly to your baby's growth;
  • thanks to its straps, the Meï-Taï allows a good distribution of the weight of the child;
  • The Mei-Tai is of undisputed versatility.

As for its disadvantages, the Meï-Taï is cumbersome and requires quite an art to tie well. These are the recurring complaints generally recorded.

The Sling

As for the sling, it:

  • slips easily into a purse;
  • is quick and efficient.

As for its disadvantages, the sling and its asymmetrical carrying can be uncomfortable during long distances to travel with an older child. We therefore recommend that you opt for a double sling which distributes the baby's weight over your 2 shoulders.

sling carry

Linen sling - Photo credit @aurechamae

How to choose your baby carrier?

After this informative reading that provides information on babywearing and the different types of babywearing, a big question remains. “ Which baby carrier to choose? A normal question any mum or mum-to-be will ask. The choice of the type of porting can be made according to several criteria:

  • the style ;
  • practicality;
  • the season ;
  • the weight of the baby;
  • the age of the baby;
  • the size of the wearer.

Before making a choice, remember the following key points:

  • ergonomic baby carriers are adaptable to all physiologies;
  • the sling is quick to use and very effective.
  • the classic wrap is soft and easy to use;
  • the Mei Tai is very similar to a classic sling;

What is the most appropriate way of carrying?

The most suitable means of carrying depends on your morphology and that of your baby. And even if the question remains unique, here is a tip to find the most suitable type of porting.

According to age

In the case of a newborn, you can opt for slings, or even the classic baby carrier. With the fragility of baby's skin, opt for a carrier in organic cotton like the slings offered by June 22. A newborn baby constantly needs to be close to you.

From 8 months / 1 year old when the baby's pounds are felt and he has less need to be snuggled up against you, a baby carrier will be your greatest ally.

Depending on the length of wear

If you plan to wear your newborn baby for longer than an hour, opt for a classic sling, a double sling or a physiological baby carrier. It must be made with a material that puts you at ease while remaining comfortable for your baby.

According to the carrying position (ventral, dorsal, on the hip)

Again, the choice is yours. If you would be more comfortable carrying your baby on your back or on your hip, then you have to choose a Me ï-Taï, a sling or certain baby carriers .

For a carry on the stomach, which is recommended for the first months of baby, all baby carriers, slings, baby carriers or Meï-Taï can be used.

According to the look

Regarding the look, you can opt for slings that offer a "modern mummy" effect. Your sling will be a trendy accessory that will complete your outfit.

wrap without knot

Sling Times Square - Photo Credit @bardonstestaresverige

If your child can sit alone, ergonomic baby carriers will surely suit you. The Easy Baby for example, easy to put on, quick and efficient, this everyday, modern and chic companion will certainly seduce you.

From the moment the baby is born, during the first days by his side, take care to understand him better. Give your baby the maximum attention, shower him with affection. It may seem trivial and yet, carrying your baby is one of the very effective approaches to achieve it. Carry it carefully using a carrying device that suits you best. Your comfort and that of your baby are the determining criteria when buying your baby carrier. If you are concerned about " what is the best baby carrier?" », know that the best baby carrier is the one that suits your baby, your style, your needs. After reading and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of porting, make your choice. Your baby is unique, so choose wisely.

April 28, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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