Made in Barcelona, ​​limited series

Baby essentials

Enhance motherhood and enjoy!

Find all the essentials you need for your baby.
Made in Barcelona in limited series. No waste, fabrics that respect your baby's skin.
Audrey, founder, mother of 3
30 min to discover the secrets of babywearing

Babywearing coaching offered

Every week, Daphnée, our babywearing instructor, leads 30-minute sessions to answer all your questions.

From the people
From the people
First holidays by the sea - 3 days in Cape Town - about 8km per day of ride against mom - happiness
— Mavoglimaccii
From the people
The Easy Baby is super easy to use, it can be adjusted in height and width to respect the distance between the legs.
— Author's name
From the people
Our savior the portage! Beyond its soft and practical side, the sling is easy to install, it is a real ally for relaxation.
— Sandy Happy Bubbles
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