June 22, everything came from there, from the arrival of my daughter Léonie, on June 22, 2016.

This date sounds obvious. More than a simple date, this birth is at the genesis of this concept, that of privileging the mother-child connection.

It is by remembering my birth, experienced more as a separation than an encounter, that the desire to redefine my conception of motherhood is born.

I visualize means of carrying that meet all its new requirements: an increased desire for comfort for both baby and mom and without forgetting this part of femininity that is close to my heart.

I wanted to recreate this bond between my baby and me, on the sole condition of finding myself in passing. I am convinced that it is by not forgetting yourself that you become a fulfilled mother!

In 2021, I also became a mother of twins, Louis and Gabriel. And I can only confirm the importance and practicality of porting! And yes, two babies does not mean two more arms!


Choosing a happy and balanced motherhood should not be an unattainable goal, but a reality open to all. Brushing aside the diktats that enclose the woman to her only role, that of mother, I want to create this "Mothers gang" dedicated to these women who accumulate hats on a daily basis. It is possible to live motherhood to the fullest without getting lost on the way.

At June 22, it's more than a marketing tool, but a philosophy. The products respond to all the problems that can be encountered as a young mother when you want to walk with your family. June 22 is a quick, chic and simplified answer on babywearing.

Audrey, Founder of June 22