Why use a baby carrier while traveling?

The first months that you live with your baby will leave you with eternal memories and the contact that you establish with him is a mixture of sensorialities that magnify the parent-baby relationship. What could be more pleasant than carrying your child, after birth and during its first years of life?

Because you want to take your baby wherever you go, you need to find the most suitable solution, in terms of comfort, ergonomics and pleasure, to travel with him. To do this, nothing should be neglected. Except for the classic stroller, which is anything but practical to carry. Several solutions are available to you for traveling with your baby against you.

They are not all equal. Just as the use you make of it may differ from one situation to another. Tour of the question on the travel baby carrier in a few key points, with a zoom on the two most popular models: the preformed baby carrier and the sling.

Which travel baby carrier to choose?

The sling, the Swiss army knife of baby carriers!

This is a fabric sling tied with rings and which allows asymmetric or symmetrical shoulder carrying (with a double sling). That is to say that the weight is distributed over both shoulders for the symmetrical carrying version, and mainly on one shoulder for the asymmetrical models.

travel sling

Linen sling June 22

The sling is used from the birth of your child. And until an age of 2 or even 3 years. It is easily adjustable and offers you the possibility of making it a carrying system for the little ones... or for the older ones.

This knotless wrap is very practical and easy to install. It slips into a suitcase or your jacket pocket. You can unsheath it in a flash and install your baby in it. Once adjusted to the size of your child, and a comfortable portage for you, it is an ideal travel baby carrier that will never leave you.

The preformed baby carrier, practical for (almost) all occasions!

It is a physiological carrier system. The preformed travel baby carrier is equipped with adjustable straps, an adjustable belt and a seat for your child. As soon as your baby can sit up alone, the preformed baby carrier is an advantageous solution for travelling. It is therefore not suitable for newborns or babies a few weeks old.

travel baby carrier

Easy Baby travel baby carrier - Photo credit @mesblondinets

This travel baby carrier is waiting for your baby: once you have installed it, all you have to do is adjust the preformed to its morphology, taking your comfort into account. The EASY BABY physiological baby carrier is a preformed ventral, flexible, plastic-free and in trendy colors. It has a very good versatility, because it accompanies you on all your trips, walks, and visits, from the age of 3 months. Finally, its use is childishly simple! Just take it out, unfold it and set it up. Nothing complicated.

It is a little bulkier than a sling but it is also more comfortable for long visits.

What is your travel carrying need?

The travel baby carrier is the easiest way to take your toddler absolutely everywhere. Whether on vacation in the summer, to fly, hike in the mountains or – why not? – for a drink on the terrace and even in a train car. Because, yes, the needs differ.

When it is warm

When summer approaches, the holidays are usually not far away, and the sun with it. It is essential to ensure that your baby does not get too hot, and so do you. The travel baby carrier must therefore provide comfort and breathability. The preformed can then prove to be an excellent solution for a visit to a place to be discovered or… at your friends'.

travel baby carrier
Boho model sling - Photo credit @racheltrapani

To support your child's growth

Your baby won't be a toddler forever! He grows by your side, and what suits him at three months is not necessarily what will suit him at one year... For a young baby, postural support is important, when awake or during his nap. The column must therefore be well maintained during the portage. The sling is interesting in asymmetric carrying, and stands out because it has great versatility.

When he reaches 6 to 9 months, his movements become more ample, and even if he does not walk, your baby sometimes moves a lot. The preformed is probably the most relevant option, because its evolutionary ergonomics adapts well to this situation of accelerated growth.

After 9 months, your child has gained weight and height. We must focus on the comfort of your baby and yours, without neglecting the practical aspect. The Easy Baby baby carrier is again a very good choice to install your child in. The sling, by its modularity, allows you a portage gently, by adapting a satisfactory position. It's all about proper weight distribution.

travel baby carrier

Easy Baby Travel Carrier

Finally, around 1 year – 1 year and a half, your child begins to walk. But sometimes you still wear it, when it's tired or simply for the pleasure of feeling it against you. The preformed can be installed and stored very quickly: it is the ideal weapon for this situation where you will alternate carrying and walking alongside it, hand in hand.

Long live travel in all its forms!

You will have noticed for yourself that traveling with a stroller is probably the least practical. The travel baby carrier is therefore the ideal solution, at all levels: transport, carrying, modularity, ergonomics and comfort. Without neglecting the safety of your baby, nor his growth.

Over time, the travel baby carrier has established itself as an essential item to store in the car, the suitcase or your handbag... In addition to carrying your baby in complete safety, the sling or the physiological baby carrier preformed is light and ideal for summer holidays, at the sea and in the mountains while hiking. They liberate your movements and leave your hands free to carry… what you want. Meanwhile, while you're visiting...your baby is sleeping next to you.

winter vacation sling

Organic cotton fleece sling for the mountains
Photo credit @spring_in_december

Obviously, the carrier fabric is a factor to take into account when it's cold (cotton fleece) or if the sun is hot: in linen or cotton, your baby carrier is light and airy. He breathes, and so does your baby. This is a factor to consider because your baby should be at its best when you carry him.

As you can see on the street, or when you travel, the travel baby carrier is a tool that has spread considerably. Adopted by many parents anxious to offer their baby a means that is as practical and safe as it is ergonomic and modular, it accompanies your child's growth.

The perfect travel baby carrier

The sling wrap and the physiological baby carrier are systems that have established themselves and which are, in many respects, very complementary. Today, the two combine bottom and shape for a total babywearing experience for your child.

The shape, because the materials, the colors, the design make them nice objects to use, and very easy to maintain.

The bottom too, because they do not neglect any aspect of their function when travelling: against you, your baby wakes up or rests.

You watch it blossom and grow, as you go through places, walks and discoveries. Whatever your need, and the use you are going to make of it, there are one or more travel baby carrier solutions, alone or in addition, to carry your baby and live with him, against him, the experience unforgettable trip that will help forge the relationship you have with your child.

May 02, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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