You would like to travel with baby for your holidays, but it seems complicated to you... Is he old enough to travel? What to bring? Where should you go? How to get there ? Traveling with a baby cannot be improvised, but with organization it is quite possible to have an excellent family vacation.

The different means of transport

Car trip with baby

If you want to travel by car with your baby , it is essential to choose the car seat adapted to their size and weight to guarantee their safety.

For children under two years old and particularly newborns, it is advisable to opt for a shell seat or a cosy, positioning it rearward facing. If the journey is long, it is best not to leave baby for more than two hours in his car seat. Take several breaks so he can stretch.

travel with baby

Easy Baby carrier from June 22 - Photo credit @hakuna_matata_home

In addition, if you plan to travel a long distance, prefer a departure after lunch. Indeed, your baby generally falls asleep after his meal, which gives you time to move around quietly during his nap. The sun visor is essential during a day trip. Otherwise, leaving at night when your baby is going to bed is an interesting option knowing that he should be sleeping for a long time. Riding at night has other advantages if you go in the summer, including no traffic jams and much cooler temperatures.

When it comes to breaks, choose quiet places to feed your child, especially if you are breastfeeding. Otherwise, prepare bottles in advance that you will warm with a bottle warmer. You can always prepare a bottle at the gas station, you will probably find a microwave there.

If your baby isn't in the mood to sleep, prepare something to occupy him during the journey: toys or pictures hanging on the back of the seat, for example.

Take the train with your baby

If you have planned a train trip with your baby , you do not have to reserve a seat for him. Indeed, until the age of 4, it is quite possible to install it on your lap. If you want to reserve a place for him, which is more comfortable, it will cost you 9 euros. Do not forget to bring your baby carrier or car seat in order to install your baby safely.

Generally, family squares and family spaces are at your disposal for more comfort. They have a nursery area with changing table and bottle warmer as well as a play area. Some types of train do not have this kind of space, however you can reserve your seats in a square for more space and comfort.

If you do not have a bottle warmer, call the train staff who will heat the bottle in the bar car. Finally, it is possible to travel at night with your baby, a berth can be reserved for him next to yours.

Flying with a baby

You have the possibility of traveling by plane with baby , it must be at least one week old even if waiting for its vaccines is preferable. As with train travel, your child can travel on your lap until the age of two. If he is over two years old, you must reserve a seat for him.

Cribs are provided by most airlines so that your little one can lie down during his trip. However, you have the possibility of transporting your car seat to install it on a seat.

baby plane trip

If the trip is long enough, prefer night flights so that baby can sleep for a few hours in a row. Plan all the same to occupy it, such as toys or books. For his meals, you are allowed to take his milk or his small pots. The company can also provide it to you.

Plan ahead by bringing medicine for your toddler as well as a small blanket and hat, as babies are sensitive to air conditioning. For a little freshen up, changing tables are available on planes, don't forget the change kit.

During the flight, your baby may have ear pain due to the change in altitude. A decompression of the eardrums is caused, particularly at the time of takeoff and landing. Thus, your child may feel pain similar to that of an ear infection and sucking is a way to soothe it. So give him a bottle, his pacifier or your breast, as this will help balance the pressure in his ears. If he has a cold, clean his nose with a saline solution before takeoff or landing.

What to consider before traveling with baby

Where to travel with a baby?

Your baby is sensitive to changes in the weather, so avoid places that are too hot, too humid, or too cold . Likewise for excessive time differences, they should be avoided so that your little one is not too confused.

The mountain

Destinations in the mountains are pleasant, where you can breathe pure air and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, it is necessary to evaluate certain parameters such as altitude. Indeed, it is not recommended to exceed 1500 meters in altitude with a baby under one year old , as this increases blood pressure. Also consider barotraumatic otitis, which can occur with a rapid change in altitude and causing severe pain in the baby. Make him suckle (bottle, pacifier, breast) during the ascent and descent and take lots of breaks. It is not because you are traveling in the mountains that the sun is less present. On the contrary, UV rays are more violent and the air is drier. Take a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses with you to protect your little one. It can also be very cold in the mountains depending on when you go. Dress him warmly, without forgetting to protect him from UV rays if the sun is pointing the tip of his nose.

The sea

Going to the sea is possible with a baby. However, the hours of high heat are absolutely to be avoided (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Leave very early in the morning or during the night. If you want to take it to the beach, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and loose clothing are required. If it's too hot, dampen his clothes and hat and find him a place in the shade, under an umbrella, for example.

travel baby carrier

Baby carrier Easy Baby beige - photo credit @emeliinee

However, it is strongly advised not to take your toddler out in very hot weather. For peaceful nights, it is important to keep your room cool. Open the windows early in the morning or in the evening to create drafts and close the shutters during the day.

Identity papers

If you are traveling abroad with baby , he/she must have the same identity papers as you. The identity card is sufficient for a trip to Europe, but the passport is compulsory for more distant destinations. Don't forget his health record.


Only the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for travel to around twenty countries. This vaccine can be performed from 6 months. Other vaccines are not mandatory , but strongly recommended for travel:
  • Typhoid fever
  • Hepatitis A
  • Meningococcal meningitis
  • Rabies
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • tick-borne encephalitis


Getting your baby to sleep comfortably during a trip is not always easy. Depending on where you are going, you will probably have beds available, or not. You can opt for the umbrella bed when traveling. It is a good extra bed, stable and comfortable, but quite bulky. Some types of travel cots are much better suited for travel, as they are lighter and easily transportable. The nomadic bassinet is very suitable up to around 9 months. Light and easily transportable, you can move it wherever you want.

The choice of accommodation

Choose apartments, houses or hotels , you will be more comfortable there. The integrated kitchens will make it easier for you to take your baby's meals after diversification. Also, you can wash your laundry more easily and therefore travel lighter. Having a separate bedroom is a plus, it will allow you to go about your business while your child is resting.

Essentials for traveling with baby

Care kit

  • Thermometer
  • Paracetamol, suppositories
  • Arnica Granules
  • Soothing cream
  • Physiological serum
  • Rehydration solution
  • Solar cream
  • A mosquito net


    • Bottles
    • A box of infant milk or small jars and desserts according to diversification
    • Mineral water
    • A breast pump, if you are breastfeeding
    • A bottle warmer
    • bibs

    Baby carrier

    The stroller can be very bulky and become embarrassing in addition to suitcases. You can opt for a sling while traveling with your baby. The sling is less hot than a classic baby carrier, it also takes up less space and is quicker to install. It is an essential for your travels with baby . Discover our trendy sling models on the June 22 store .

    travel sling

    Changing equipment

    No need to bother when traveling or on vacation, take only the necessary and in mini format. You can also opt for a nomadic changing table, very practical for traveling and being able to change baby anywhere.

    • Layers
    • Small bags to put dirty diapers in during the trip
    • Liniment
    • Wipes
    • Cottons
    • A cream for irritated buttocks
    • A washing gel for body and hair
    • bath thermometer
    • Wash cloths
    • Bath towels
    • Baby cotton swabs
    • A baby comb
    • A moisturizing cream

    Breastfeeding clothes

    If you are breastfeeding, you may need to breastfeed your baby in public . You often have dedicated spaces near the toilets to change and breastfeed baby in stations or airports. On the other hand, it can be more annoying and especially less hygienic to use the toilets of a train or an airplane to breastfeed your baby.

    travel nursing t-shirt

    To breastfeed discreetly, nothing is more practical than nursing clothes. Sweatshirts, dresses, or nursing T-shirts have discreet openings at chest level. Combined with a nursing bra, you can take your breast out in no time and place baby for feeding discreetly and anywhere.

    Spare outfit

    Provide a good quantity of spare clothes if you do not have a washing machine on site. Otherwise, take the minimum you can wash.
    • Bodysuits
    • Pajamas
    • sleeping bag
    • Socks
    • A few cardigans or sweaters
    • some beanies
    • Hats
    • Several coordinated outfits, but above all practical
    • Sun glasses

    Pacifier/cuddly toy

    Essential to reassure your little one, be sure to take them twice. Bring two comforters and several pacifiers. As you will have understood, traveling with a baby requires good organization. Indeed, you must do your best so that this little piece is not turned upside down by the trip. Be sure to stay in an accommodation equipped for more comfort. In this way, no need to load the luggage, just make sure you have the necessary on the move, and this in small format.

    So what are you waiting for? Travel with baby and enjoy wonderful family moments!

    If you need even more advice for traveling with baby , here is a very complete report from the nursery school.

    July 27, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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