Baby cries for food, but you feel exhausted and physically weak. How are you going to be able to hold on until the next feed?

Breastfeeding your baby every 2-3 hours is hard work! You deserve a break, and breastfeeding while lying on your side can help you relax. You can rest while bonding with and feeding your baby.

Sound too good to be true? This is not the case ! Breastfeeding while lying down is considered one of the most popular breastfeeding positions. It might be worth a try. How to breastfeed lying down ? Why breastfeed while lying down ? Is there a danger? We answer it in the next lines.

Breastfeeding lying down, how to do it?

One of the best parts of breastfeeding while lying down is the ability to rest your body while feeding your baby. Here are a few simple steps to make it a comfortable and safe experience for you and your baby:

  1. Place your baby on his back in the middle of the floor or on a large bed. If you're on a bed, remember to keep sheets, blankets, and pillows away from your baby's face to minimize risk. Use nursing pillows, cushions or cushions to create a barrier between baby and the edge of the bed and avoid the risk of falling.
  2. Lie down next to your baby with your tummy aligned close to the baby's head. You can use a pillow under your head, but make sure it's placed where your baby can't reach it. (You can also use a pillow for back support or between your legs if it makes you more comfortable lying on your side).
  3. Slide your little one down until his nose is level with your nipple and your arm is above his head. Or rock your baby, his back along your forearm. (But don't put baby's head on your arm).
    breastfeeding lying down
  4. Roll your baby onto their side, pulling their hips or knees close to your hips. (Your spine and your baby's spine may form a "V".) You can put a rolled-up blanket or pillow behind your baby's back to support him and keep him from rolling away from you. Encourage the baby's nose to make contact with your nipple, but don't press his face against your breast!
  5. Position your baby so that their ear, shoulder and hip are aligned. This will help him get milk more easily, he will be in a comfortable position.
  6. If necessary, use the arm not resting on the bed to shape your breast and guide it into your baby's mouth. However, many babies (especially older ones) naturally latch on on their own.

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Breastfeeding lying down dangerous?

The danger of breastfeeding lying down for the mother

Sometimes women find that their breasts do not drain completely or evenly after laying on the breast . Too much milk in the breasts can lead to engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis or decreased milk supply, so you need to be vigilant!

If your breasts are not emptying completely, you should consider sitting down to finish the feed or pumping some milk to make sure your breasts are properly emptied.

The dangers of lying down breastfeeding for babies

Be sure to stay awake when feeding your newborn. Due to the higher risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when co-sleeping, you need to ensure that if he falls asleep and you doze off, your newborn baby is placed in a separate, safe sleeping environment.

In the case of a baby who suffers from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), we recommend that you do not breastfeed while lying down . Indeed, it is necessary to breastfeed in an upright position. In this specific case, breastfeeding in a sling may be an adequate solution.

feeding with milk

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When to use the lying down breastfeeding position?

There are times when laying on the breast is really helpful. Here are a few instances where you might consider using this position.

In order to relax

If you're feeling tired, the side -lying breastfeeding position is a great option to help you and your baby get some more rest.

You are in the maternity ward

When you're in the maternity ward, the lying down breastfeeding position is perfect for breastfeeding comfortably in your bed. Bed rails can help ensure that your little one won't roll over while nursing, which is an added bonus. Do not hesitate to seek advice from midwives and nursing assistants for an optimal position, for you and for baby.

You have had a caesarean section

The side-lying position and the rugby ball position are ideal for mothers who have just had a C-section. These positions can help make breastfeeding a little more comfortable since your newborn isn't putting pressure on your stomach and the incision site.

You don't feel like sitting at night

Nighttime feedings are a snap when you place your little one next to you in your bed to breastfeed. As explained above, precautions should be taken if you are co-sleeping .

breastfeeding position

you have a lot of milk

If you have an overabundance of milk or forcefully let it out, breastfeeding in a lying position can help your baby manage the flow of milk. When you're lying on your side, gravity has less of an effect on milk flow, and your baby can more easily let excess milk flow out of the corners of her mouth.

Benefits of the lying down breastfeeding position

If you have large breasts and struggle to find the right comfortable position for you and baby, the lying down breastfeeding position can make latching easier.

Finding the perfect latch can take some time. No position guarantees successful breastfeeding for you and your baby, but breastfeeding while lying down may be worth a try if you struggle with the other positions.

Remember that in any breastfeeding position, latching on to your baby shouldn't be painful. If so, remove the nipple from his mouth, and adjust the position until it's comfortable.

Can you breastfeed a newborn lying on your side?

Your newborn baby may seem so small and fragile that you wonder if it's really possible to breastfeed her lying on her side. If you take the usual precautions, this position on the side can be practiced from the very first feed.

breastfeeding lying down

If your baby is very small, you may need to give him extra support. Use pillows or a blanket around his bottom and lower back to support him in the correct breastfeeding position . Just make sure the pillows don't come in contact with his head and face!

To conclude

If you're a new parent, chances are you're feeling very tired! Breastfeeding while lying down can be a great opportunity to rest your body and feed your baby at the same time.

Don't forget that if you have difficulty breastfeeding or if you feel pain when your baby latches, do not hesitate to consult a lactation consultant.

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November 03, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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