The arrival of summer brings its share of sunny moments and summer pleasures, but when you have a baby, it is essential to take a few extra precautions to ensure their well-being during periods of intense heat.

Here are our practical tips for safely combining baby and warmth:

  1. Protect baby from heat

    With rising temperatures, it is essential to keep your baby hydrated regularly with small amounts of cool water or breast milk.
    In addition, good skin protection is essential. For this, we recommend that you regularly apply a sunscreen specially designed for babies. It is recommended to avoid using these sunscreens on infants under 6 months because their skin is thin and has a greater absorption capacity than in adults.

    For children over 6 months old, you can, for example, use the certified organic SPF50+ baby & child sunscreen from Laboratoires de Biarritz because its formula is perfectly suited to the sensitive skin of children, it is hypoallergenic, preservative-free and fragrance-free. It protects your child from UVA and UVB rays. This cream is water resistant while being respectful of the ocean.

    It is also important not to cover your baby too much, or too little. Namely, light and covering clothing to minimize direct exposure to the sun. Avoid clothes that are too tight or made of synthetic materials, which could prevent the skin from breathing and therefore cause your child to overheat. You can bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect his face as well as sunglasses.

    For the hat, we can recommend the Lassig brand, which offers anti-UV hats for your babies and protects the neck thanks to its UV protection index of 80. With its outer fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, the material is lightweight, breathable and dries easily. It is therefore ideal for summer days with baby.

    For sunglasses, we can recommend the Kietla brand, which offers a wide choice of glasses for babies up to adulthood with category 3 lenses that filter 100% of UV rays. They exist in different shapes, different colors and adapt to each baby.

  2. Use baby carriers made of natural materials

    Contrary to popular belief, carrying your baby in the summer is beneficial because carrying it regulates the baby's temperature as well as yours. However, it is advisable to opt for baby carriers made of natural materials such as linen and cotton. These fabrics allow your baby's skin to breathe better, which will reduce the risk of heat-related irritation and discomfort.

    For example, the Les Fleurs organic cotton sling from our brand, which you can find in our shop, in the carrying tab then organic cotton sling, is easy to use and universal for all wearers. The Sling accompanies you on a daily basis, summer and winter alike. You also have the Easy Baby Blossom made of cotton and linen with wide straps to offer you optimal comfort.

  3. Watch for signs of overheating

    Babies are vulnerable to heat. Some signs can alert you like excessive sweating, skin that turns red or feels hot, faster breathing or unusual drowsiness and are indicators of overheating.

    If you see these signs, cool your baby immediately by moving him to a cool place, keeping him hydrated, and removing some of his clothing. You can also use a fan or air conditioning to maintain a more comfortable temperature in the house or shaded areas, a stroller with an awning if you are outdoors.

    It is possible to install a stroller mattress in your stroller. Its objective is to absorb humidity due to high temperatures in addition to providing more comfort. You can find some in our shop, in the walk tab. They are adaptable to almost all types of strollers and offer a more pleasant seat for your baby.

  4. Plan time to rest

    To avoid overheating, it is important to provide moments of rest for your baby. That is to say, a cool and calm place where he can rest and relax during the hottest periods of the day. Try to plan your outdoor activities outside of these hours, which are usually between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is essential to respect his usual sleeping pattern and provide him with an adequate resting environment.

If you are parents and you were worried about a first summer with baby, follow these tips and you can enjoy peace of mind with your baby while ensuring his comfort and safety during hot days.

June 27, 2023 — audrey timbert

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