What is GERD?

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a common disorder in babies that can cause discomfort. Parents are often on the lookout for natural solutions to relieve GERD symptoms.
Babywearing can be a beneficial solution for babies with GERD and we will discuss the reasons for this as well as tips for using this method safely and effectively.

Vertical support - One of the main benefits of carrying for babies with GERD is the vertical support it provides because by keeping your baby in this position, carrying will help reduce the rise in their esophagus and therefore reduce reflux symptoms.

Comfort and closeness - Carrying will provide constant closeness between you and your baby and this will create a reassuring environment for baby, thus reducing the stress associated with GERD.

Improved Digestion - Thanks to gentle and regular movements, carrying can stimulate the baby's digestion and effectively contribute to the reduction of episodes of reflux and facilitate the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine.

The semi-seated position - Some carriers allow the baby to be placed in a semi-seated position, which promotes better digestion and may reduce symptoms of reflux.

Hands-free: The advantage of carrying is to allow parents to go about their business while keeping baby close to them. This can be especially beneficial for parents who need to do daily chores while monitoring their baby with GERD.

Useful advice for a successful babywearing for a baby with GERD:

  • Use a baby carrier or sling that is suitable and comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Opt for carrying positions that keep the baby upright, do not force the knees up.
  • Make sure your baby is well supported and their face remains clear.
  • Avoid sudden movements.
  • Watch your baby for signs of discomfort.

In conclusion, babywearing can be a gentle and comforting method of relieving GERD symptoms in babies. By providing upright support, constant comfort and soothing closeness, babywearing can help reduce episodes of reflux and improve baby's overall well-being.

July 19, 2023 — audrey timbert

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