We have decided to give the floor to Océane, a breastfeeding mother who practices babywearing.

Before reading her interview, here are some tips to remember when you want to breastfeed while carrying your baby.

The installation and the position of the baby depend on his age.

Never block the baby's head, he must be able to free himself from breastfeeding at any time.

Hello Océane, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am 32 years old, I live in Nantes but I am from Vosges. I have 2 19 month old skunks and almost 4 years old (😱). I am a territorial attaché and I have an IG Inantesyou page to share information that is useful to me in my parenting.

You have two children, did you carry both the same way?

So I wore both a lot, but not at all in the same way. Ally-Rose in a stretch wrap, always the same, until she was 9-10 months old, then it became too difficult and I didn't know all the other means of carrying. It stopped there.

For Melina I also started in an extendable sling but very quickly I felt that she was not comfortable and the babywearing was less pleasant. Tried woven scarves, no more, preformed, bingo! We discovered his reflux around 9 months, which explains that. Once under treatment, I was able to go back to the stretchy double sling june and it was bliss!

And your relationship to breastfeeding, was it different for Mélina and Ally-Rose?

Ooh yes. I wanted to breastfeed both as much. But I didn't have 1. not the same level of info, 2. Not the same force of mother lioness who imposes her choices. Ally-Rose's breastfeeding lasted 2 months, in pain, Mélina we are at 19 months ☺️

When you breastfeed in a sling, do you have any tips to give, favorite positions or positions to avoid?

Breastfeeding in a sling is just vital when you have 2 under 3s, 2 toddlers, close together. For grouped evening feedings, right at the time of the rush-hours and number 1 that needs attention. I breastfed either in a cradle or sitting upright depending on how sleep-wake I felt and how comfortable I felt. I made an IGTV video where I show our installation by the way!

Who gave you the idea to breastfeed while wearing?

It's Amelie from the @tziganette account! I said to myself that's the key and I then did a workshop with my super consultant ibclc who is also a babywearing instructor.

What did you like about June 22?

All ! The look of racing. The insanely soft fabric, this concept of double sling which means that without that, no sling for me, Melina is a big size, the slight elasticity, ultra comfort for me. All what !


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