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I talk to you again and again about birth lists because yes, we all go through that!

A lot of moms ask me questions about this. Today I give you another website on which you can easily and free create your birth list: www.mesenvies.fr

This is the site we used for Léonie's birth (3 years ago, sniff, time flies!) and many of my June 22 clients use it too.

1 birth list out of 5 is created on Mes Envies.

Before revealing my essentials, here is what I liked about this site, in addition to the ease of use:
  • We are free to add handmade items (mobile, cardigan knitted by grandma),
  • Virtual gifts such as "good for babysitting" (this may be the best gift in the world!).
  • Thing completely adorable your loved ones can leave you video messages when making reservations! A blow to make us cry with our hormones (but with joy!)!
A list is drawn each month for which Mes Envies offers a gift voucher of €500!

As for my favorites for the baby's arrival , I'm really going to tell you about what was essential for me!

  • The nappies ! Yes, a baby drools all the time! So we never have enough! my shot heart of the moment Nusi Nus i. Hand-dyed double gauze nappies.

  • The collapsible bathtub ! Because we had a very small apartment without a bathtub: Stokke .

  • The ultra flat high chair from SupaF lat .

  • THE  mini crib on wheels ideal for the first months of baby.

  • And of course my regret! Not having created the June 22 slings earlier to wear my daughter from birth!

Here come the girls!
SO ! Let's go to your birth lists here!

Audrey - Founder of June 22

June 26, 2019 — audrey timbert kiavué

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