Want to know which sling to choose in summer to make babywearing in summer comfortable for both of you?

Truth be told, it will be hot anyway because of the shared body heat. However, some carriers are better suited than others in the summer. Read on to learn more about the best baby carriers for summer and our tips and tricks for comfortable carrying in hot weather.

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The criteria to take into account for carrying a baby in summer

Versatility of use

It's up to you whether you want a breathable baby carrier just for the summer, and therefore a warmer one for the winter. Or a light single to use also when it is cold, in which case you will dress more baby in winter.

Material and ventilation

Carriers with lots of openings, larger mesh, allow better air circulation, so you and your baby stay cool. We suggest you buy a lightweight baby carrier that is more comfortable to wear on hot days. Look for a carrier made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton.

Ease of use

You can't always count on someone to help you put your baby carrier on. Most of them are difficult to put on, with multiple clips. It is the same for carrying scarves with knots. We recommend that you take lessons with an expert in order to properly install baby in a sling without risk of falling and in a physiological position.

If you plan to use your carrier on its own, look for something comfortable and not bulky to put on. The knotless wrap, also called a Sling, is easy to install and fits in a pocket.


In the summer sun or hot weather, choose a light-colored baby carrier. Dark colors are not recommended, as they attract the sun's rays.

Maintenance and ease of cleaning

At any time, baby can have a diaper leak or regurgitate his meal. That's why it's best to invest in a baby carrier that's machine washable, easily cleaned, and dries quickly.


The baby carrier you have chosen should be designed to support baby physiologically. For example, wide seats help prevent possible hip dysplasia and other health problems in your child as they grow.

Which wrap to choose for the summer?

The ring sling, or sling, is perfect for carrying baby in summer, because it has only one layer of fabric, it covers your body less and allows air to circulate. The excess fabric outside the ring can be used to protect the legs or shoulders from the sun. The sling is perfect for quick and easy setups, as well as longer carries with young children.

The ideal materials for a knotless wrap in summer

The best fabric for hot weather is something light and breathable. Linen and 100% cotton fulfill this function very well:

Organic cotton

Cotton is versatile. It is soft, breathable, durable and easy to maintain. It will also be your ally when temperatures drop.


Light and airy, while offering excellent support, linen is the perfect fabric for summer wraps.

The ideal baby carrier in summer

Here are our recommendations for carrying baby in summer:

Organic cotton sling

The Palm Sensation organic cotton sling , the knotless wrap, for quick and easy carrying from birth up to 10kg.

summer wrap

Find all our models of organic cotton sling wraps by clicking HERE .

linen sling

The Cottage linen sling is the most breathable sling wrap thanks to its linen fabric. It will be the ally of long-term baby carriers in hot weather for babies up to 15kg.

summer baby carrier

Find all our models of baby carriers linen sling by clicking HERE .

Tips and tricks for carrying baby in summer

The most important thing to think about when carrying your baby is the risk of overheating. Always dress your baby appropriately and remember that your carrier acts as an extra layer of clothing.

Dress yourself and your baby in light, airy clothes. Cotton or linen are known to keep the body cool. Another option is to wear sports or hiking clothes that are breathable and dry quickly.

You can put a light cloth between you and your baby to avoid skin-to-skin contact which can quickly become sticky. You can easily exchange it when it is wet.

Hydrate both of you. Water is so important to prevent overheating! Drink and feed baby enough. Be sure to take regular nursing breaks when your child is too small to drink water.

Use a spray on baby's legs and arms to cool him down a bit.

Be sure to stay in the shade or use hats to cover your head and that of your little one. Using an umbrella also works! You can use the extra fabric of your sling to protect baby's face and shoulders from the sun.

Think sunscreen! Your child's skin is still immature and the sun can burn their skin in just 15 minutes.

August 25, 2020 — Athéna Beltran

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