Babywearing is very practical and beneficial, you probably already know that. But there are so many different brands, types and models on the baby market! You can tear your hair out when trying to figure out which is the best baby carrier for your child. Is this physiological? Will it be suitable for my baby? And my way of life? Is it complicated to set up? And sure enough? As many questions as you want answered.

That's why I decided to use my experience as a mom and my knowledge of baby carriers to help you choose the carrier you need.

In all honesty, at June-22 I designed slings, the Sling (an easy -to-use sling) and a physiological preformed baby carrier, the Easy-baby. But through this article I will be completely transparent with you on each means of carrying so that you find the one that suits you best.

Below you can see the most common baby carriers that can be found on the market today. I have highlighted the pros and cons that parents generally express for each means of babywearing.

The sling

It is the most traditional type of baby carrier and the simplest in its manufacture (but not the easiest to set up, especially for beginners in babywearing). The sling is simply a long piece of fabric that you wrap around your body and your baby.

By tying the ends, you create a comfortable, cozy and secure "pocket" for your baby against you. There are several different techniques of tying the wrap around your body, which can be a little tricky at first. But as you practice it, it becomes much easier. I strongly encourage you to take babywearing classes to make sure you carry your baby physiologically and safely.

You can find many different scarves in the market, some are shorter or longer, others are made of cotton, wool, linen or other fabrics.

best baby wrap

Baby wraps made of an elastic fabric are called elastic wraps or stretch wraps. They are an excellent solution for beginners in babywearing and, more generally, for newborns. With the elastic sling, you first tie the fabric around your body, then you install baby.

Scarves made of cotton, linen, wool or hemp are called woven wraps. These types of fabrics make the scarf more resistant. Woven wraps are especially recommended for toddlers and older children, as well as for carrying the baby on the back.

Baby wrap, reviews for

  • Versatility: you can carry your baby in different positions: in front, on the hip or on the back; suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers
  • Variety of fabrics and knots: what is most comfortable for you and your baby.
  • Adjustment: you can adapt the scarf to the needs and preferences of the wearer, as well as to their morphology (although there are scarves of different sizes)
  • Lots of styles: everyone can find something that is not only comfortable, but also beautiful
  • Suitable for newborns: you can use the slings from birth, as they allow the baby to rest in a physiological position (remember to check the age/weight recommended by the manufacturer)
  • Comfortable: they do not put special strain on the back or shoulders of the wearer, as they allow an even distribution of weight

Baby wrap reviews against

  • Properly tying your sling takes practice: Some parents may find the sling difficult to use at first, and it takes practice a few times to learn how to tie it. Keep in mind that elastic wraps are easier to use than woven wraps.
  • It's an extra layer on top of your clothes: It can quickly become too hot for some parents. In hot weather, choose a sling made of breathable fabric.

the sling

Sling wrap, ring wrap, Sling, Ring Sling or knotless wrap. So many names that define a very simple porting method!


It is also a long piece of cloth that has two rings on one end. To tie it, you have to thread the free end through one ring and slip it under the other ring. This way you can adjust it to your body and find the perfect position to carry your baby from birth. You don't have to worry about the carrier coming loose on its own since the baby's weight keeps the rings from slipping.

The sling creates a cozy cocoon for baby against your chest, it goes from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It is used as a belly carrier, and you can also wear it on your hip. You will find sling wraps in a wide choice of fabrics. At June-22 we have organic cotton , linen slings , organic velvet , fleece organic cotton or linen and wool blend . You have of course color variants for each fabric, there is something for all tastes and all seasons!

Sling reviews for

  • Quick installation: no knots, the installation of baby in a sling is much faster than in a wrap with knots. In 15 seconds baby is installed and you have your hands free! Ditto to remove it, an arm movement is enough.
  • Takes up very little space: it fits in a coat or backpack pocket. Ideal to always have it with you.
  • Easy adjustment: you can easily adapt the baby carrier to your morphology and the size of the baby. Simply pull the free end through the rings to make the seat tighter or wider. It adapts to parents of different sizes and can be used for children of different ages
  • Diversity of fabrics and styles: You can find slings in different fabrics and in a variety of colors.
  • The sling is suitable for newborns: just like woven slings, ring slings are also suitable for newborns (be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions and age/weight recommendations). At June-22, our slings are all suitable for newborns.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Using the ring sling is very easy and you can master it with little practice.
  • Suitable for breastfeeding: you can use the sling while breastfeeding to carry baby against you.

Sling, opinions against

  • Not recommended for people with back or shoulder pain: The weight is distributed on one shoulder and it can become uncomfortable if you use it for long periods of time. At June-22 we have the solution: the double sling allows you to distribute the weight of your child on your 2 shoulders. Ideal for long-term carriers or carriers with back pain.

The preformed baby carrier

This is probably what most parents have in mind when they think of baby carriers. Preformed baby carriers have shoulder straps with a belt that you must tie around your waist. Once you have done this, the fabric creates a seat for the infant.
In general, all shoulder straps are adjustable, allowing the user to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This also helps distribute the baby's weight evenly across the wearer's body. What's really great about this type of carrier is that you can use them on the front and back and sometimes even on the hip.

TIP: Avoid pre-shaped carriers with a seating area where the baby's weight puts pressure on their crotch and where their legs are stretched and dangling. This position stresses the baby's spine, does not support their legs and hips and can have a negative impact on their development. And it's not comfortable for the baby either!

Most preformed baby carriers are suitable from 6 months, when the baby has developed his back and neck muscles and carries his head well. Some preformed baby carriers claim to be suitable for newborns thanks to the addition of an insert under the baby's bottom. I still do not recommend this type of baby carrier until he knows how to sit up on his own. Unlike wraps and slings, baby is not wrapped and supported against you. He must be able to stand alone so that the portage is completely physiological.

At June-22 we designed the Easy-Baby physiological baby carrier . It is a comfortable, simple and hot preformed belly physiological baby carrier! No plastic material, it adjusts to the level of the seat and the support of the baby's head to respect its physiology. Top comfort for baby, but also for you thanks to the wide straps that spread over your shoulders.

Preformed baby carrier, reviews for

  • Easy to use and adjust: just put the carrier around the waist, and adjust the straps. You don't have to fight to attach it.
  • Share them with other carriers: thanks to their great adaptability, this type of baby carrier adapts to carriers of different morphologies
  • Versatility and long-term use: Many preformed carriers grow with the baby. You will be able to carry baby longer with this means of carrying.
  • Ergonomic and healthy position: the best baby carriers (like the Easy-Baby) offer a physiological position for the baby (frog position with M-shaped hips and knees)
  • Wide variety of styles and colors: everyone can find a preformed baby carrier adapted to their style.
  • Comfortable: the shoulder straps and the belt are often padded for the wearer's comfort. Some models have wider shoulder straps to distribute the weight across the width of the shoulders.

Preformed baby carrier, opinions against

  • Price: generally, this type of baby carrier is more expensive than woven or sling wraps.

The Meï-Taï or Chinese baby carrier

This is a hybrid way of carrying which combines the characteristics of a sling by the seat and the knotting, and a baby carrier preformed by its attachment points (straps plus belt). The Meï-Taï looks like a preformed baby carrier, but here you have 4 long pieces of fabric that you must tie properly around your body. There are two straps for the suspenders and two straps that you need to tie around your waist.

best mei-tai

The Chinese baby carrier is very adjustable and can be easily shared between different carriers, just adjust the knot. You do need to learn how to tie securely, but it's not that difficult and certainly takes less practice than a woven sling.

You can wear this type of carrier on the front, back or hip. The Meï-Taïs are suitable for older babies (from 6 months), but few models can be used from birth.

Meï-Taï, reviews for

  • Adjustable: All the fabric straps should be tied around your body, you can easily adjust it to your body type, as well as share it with other wearers.
  • FOR BABIES OF DIFFERENT AGES: The Mei Tai baby carrier is ideal for toddlers, but some models can also be used for smaller children (on the front).
  • Many styles and colors: you can find Meï-Taïs made in a wide range of fabrics in many colors.
  • Padding: Some models have padded shoulder straps, which makes carrying the baby less painful for the shoulders (interesting especially with older children).

Meï-Taï, opinions against

  • Using it takes practice: it's not very difficult, but you still have to learn how to attach it to ensure the safety of the baby and to distribute its weight evenly. It takes a little longer to put on than a Sling or a preformed baby carrier.

The hiking baby carrier

This type of carrier is designed to be carried like a backpack and can only be used for children who can sit up unaided and have good head support. For this type of babywearing, the seat is in a rigid structure and the baby remains in a seated position for the duration of the babywearing.

Typically, hiking carriers have padded shoulder straps and additional straps that you need to tie around your waist and chest. Not only is the baby better protected this way, but the weight distribution is optimized.

best hiking baby carrier

These baby carriers are useful and comfortable to carry the baby for a long time, during hikes as the name suggests. If you want your toddler to accompany you off the beaten path where a stroller can't go, this is the best and most comfortable solution.

Some models of baby carriers are equipped with a few storage pockets where the child can store his small toys, his snack or his cup. Some also come with legs that you can easily fold out when needed. This makes it much easier to put baby in and take it out.

The hiking baby carrier, reviews for

  • For active parents: this type of baby carrier is ideal for hiking and long walks.
  • Well equipped: generally, the backpack baby carrier has many storage pockets, legs to keep it upright on the ground, small stirrups to hold the feet of older children and sun and rain hoods.
  • Very good weight distribution: Most hiking baby carriers have an adjustable chest strap, wide padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, all to ensure an even distribution of the baby's weight. This is crucial on long distance rides.

The hiking baby carrier, opinions against

  • Very bulky: this type of baby carrier is significantly bulkier than other types of baby carriers and does not fold compactly, which can make it more difficult to store it.
  • Heavy: It's not just fabric, there's a rigid metal or plastic frame, which means it can be quite heavy. It's clearly not an everyday carrier.
  • Expensive: The price of a hiking baby carrier can range from simple to triple depending on the model, but it will always be more expensive than other means of carrying.

What is the best baby carrier?

By now you must have made up your own mind about the best baby carrier . In reality, there is not really a best baby carrier, but there are baby carriers more or less adapted to your needs, those of your child and your desires.

At June-22 we love simplicity and style. All our baby carriers are physiological, simple and quick to install, without superfluous and really hot. You can discover them on our online store .

baby carrier review

October 28, 2020 — Athéna Beltran

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