The sling, also called Ring Sling, knotless sling or ring sling, is a comfortable and easy way to carry from birth. The sling allows a physiological carrying of your child up to 10 or 15kg depending on the fabric.

The sling, what is it?

A sling is a type of baby carrier that is made from a long piece of fabric and two rings. The fabric is passed through the rings to create a pocket for your child to sit in safely. This without the need to tie any knots, snaps, or clips. The slings are easily adjustable to fit newborns, toddlers, and wearers of different sizes.

the sling

The sling can be installed and removed very quickly, making it ideal for parents who need hands-free to take care of other children or to carry out any task while keeping baby close.

What is the difference between the sling and the wrap?

Because they both use one and the same fabric, baby slings and ring slings are similar, but there are a few key differences.

Baby slings tend to be a bit more complex. They go over both shoulders and around your waist, distributing your child's weight a little more evenly across your body than a sling. While this is great for making long periods of carrying more comfortable, knotting the sling makes installation much more complicated for beginners.

The single sling is best suited for shorter carry periods. It is much easier to put on and take off than a sling, which can be a great advantage for some parents who have to use the carrier several times a day. In order to make the portage more comfortable if you are a fan of the sling, you can then use a double sling . It distributes the weight on your two shoulders to keep the simplicity of the sling while increasing its comfort.

The different types of sling fabric

Fabrics and colors, there is something for everyone:
  • The organic cotton sling : ideal for baby's first months, it can be used from birth up to 10 kg. A must have in your maternity suitcase.
organic cotton sling
  • The linen sling : linen is a super supportive and breathable fabric, it will accompany you for long-term babywearing for children up to 15kg.
the linen sling

organic velvet sling

cotton fleece sling

How to wash the sling?

Whether it's regurgitation, a small leak, or just sweating, the sling won't stay clean forever and will need to be washed.

It is necessary to follow the manufacturer's recommendations so as not to stretch and damage the fabric. It is important that it retains all its mechanical properties so that the portage remains safe and physiological.

Regarding the washing of June 22 slings:

  • Cotton or velvet sling: Machine wash, delicate program 30° with a detergent without bleaching agents. Moderate spin and no dryer.
  • Linen sling: Machine wash, 40° program with non-bleaching detergent. You can steam iron it after washing.

Tip: The rings of the sling go in the washing machine, you can put a sock around them to protect them and avoid percussion noises during washing.

November 29, 2020 — Athéna Beltran

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