We no longer talk about the benefits of babywearing for babies. I've already covered the issue on this blog and if you're here, you're probably already convinced by the port. If carrying a child in a baby carrier may seem simple, carrying twins in a sling may seem a little more difficult… It is entirely possible to carry twins at the same time, but there are some things to know before launching.

Carrying twins after birth

If you want to carry two babies shortly after delivery, please listen carefully to your body. Indeed, during childbirth, your body suffered a lot and you must respect it. Start slowly, with short periods of carrying or carrying only one baby. If you had a C-section, keep the wrap high and tight to ensure that little pressure is put on the scar.

Wearing twins in a sling, is it necessary?

If the portage with a single baby is always very beneficial. It is not so easy to understand co-carrying . You can very well put one baby in your sling and use a stroller for the other, or carry one while you feed the other.
Often, we feel pressure to carry both babies at the same time because we have the impression of abandoning our brother or sister.

twin babywearing

But learning how to tie a sling for twins takes practice and practice. Practicing with a baby first lets you know how the fabric knots and tightens. Do not skip the steps, start by wearing one at a time already offers fabulous benefits.

Tips for Carrying Twins in a Sling

Wearing twins in a sling requires specific organization for everyone's safety:

  • Plan a safe place to install your twins in the sling and lower your two babies. The location must be large enough to accommodate the twins, as you will need to pick them up and drop them off one at a time. You need to be able to keep an eye on the second baby when you place the first in the sling. Putting them in a cot can be a very good solution during your first attempts.
  • Once your first child is in the carrier, stay alert and aware of their position while you pick up the second baby, avoiding bending over and ensuring the comfort and safety of both babies. It is therefore preferable to bend down, keeping your chest straight and bending your knees. Your back will thank you too
  • Start by placing the heaviest child in the sling . This allows the weight to be better distributed in the fabric. And since the second baby is sometimes a little more difficult to fit in the sling, it allows you to manipulate the lighter one for adjustments.
  • When carrying one in front and one on your back, the heaviest baby should be the one on your back, unless other health reasons require you to carry it on your chest.

Which knot for carrying twins?

You will find differing opinions on the subject. But it is clear that the knotting of two simple hammocks convinces many carrying parents. You can tie the wrap once and reuse it without undoing the knots. And you can especially lower one child while keeping the second against you. No need to lower the twins when only one wants to go in the stroller or needs to be changed for example.

Here is the tying and installation of twins in a baby carrier presented by a babywearing instructor.

Wear twins in sling

If you like simplicity and are not comfortable with tying baby carriers, I have the solution for you! A sling on each shoulder, and a baby on each hip.
No knotting, you adjust the depth of the seat in a jiffy during the portage without having to untie everything and start from 0.

Here is an example of installation of 2 large children in co-carrying in two slings.

I recommend carrying twins in a sling from birth, except in the case of premature babies where I advise you to consult a babywearing professional. It is important to install your children physiologically with the airways clear.

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December 13, 2020 — Athéna Beltran

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