You are convinced by the benefits of carrying in a sling, but you are not comfortable with knotting? June 22 has the solution with an easy -to-use baby wrap. Thanks to 2 rings sewn on one side of the sling, you benefit from all the advantages of babywearing, with a sling that is easy and quick to put on and adjust.

The sling, an easy and quick to install sling

While a "traditional" wrap requires experience and some dexterity:
  1. To set up the sling
  2. Tie the knots
  3. Make sure the knots are properly tied
  4. Install baby in the sling
  5. Tighten and adjust the fabric
  6. Install baby physiologically in the sling

Using an easy wrap like a sling can change your life!

Just make a loop with the sling by passing a piece of fabric between the rings. Pass the sling over his shoulder. Install baby in a physiological position and tighten the sling easily by pulling on the end of the fabric that protrudes from the rings.

In 30 seconds the trick is done, baby is comfortably curled up against you and you have your hands free to go about your business. All the benefits of babywearing with an easy -to-use sling.

An easy sling up to what age?

The sling is an easy -to-use wrap from birth. You will find on the blog an article dedicated to carrying a newborn in a sling .

easy carry scarf

Photo credit @puddingsnest - Almond velvet sling

There is no age limit for carrying your child in a sling, but rather a maximum carrying weight so that the fabric retains all its properties and the carrying remains physiological. The maximum age will then vary from one child to another.

Baby carrier: maximum weight?

The maximum weight of your child carried in a sling will depend on the model used:
  • Easy sling wrap in organic cotton: up to 10kg
  • Cotton fleece sling: up to 10kg
  • Organic velvet sling wrap: up to 10kg
  • Linen sling: up to 15kg

easy carrying scarf Photo credit @mividaen1maleta - Palm Sensation easy wrap

An easy-to-carry wrap

Smaller than a traditional sling which is between 200 and 600cm in length, the sling takes up little space when folded (from 160 to 180cm in length). It's a baby carrier that's easy to carry in a coat pocket or slip into a travel suitcase. All June 22 slings are delivered with a small pouch. They will accompany you everywhere without worry, ready to be installed and used in a few seconds.

single scarf carry

Live from Ibiza - easy wrap Maxi Flowers

Featured image credit @alix_mtx

February 03, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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