Choosing a baby carrier that is easy to put on is not easy when you discover the multitude of models and brands of baby carriers. Here is a short guide to the different types of baby carriers and their ease of installation (or not) to help you choose what is right for you.

The sling

The traditional baby carrier is perhaps the least easy baby carrier to put on this list.

It has its community of surrogate mothers who swear by it, but it requires an apprenticeship to make a safe and well-made knot. This baby carrier requires time before its installation becomes easy. I recommend that you take babywearing lessons to master the knotting of this baby carrier.

The sling, an easy-to-install baby wrap

The sling is certainly the easiest wrap to put on . It is a piece of fabric like a sling, but it is shorter and 2 rings are sewn on one end.

Its ease of use is precisely based on these 2 rings. It's sort of the improved version of the wrap.

No complicated knots, just pass the fabric of the sling between the rings to create a loop and put it on a shoulder. Install baby in the created pocket, against your chest or on your hip. Make sure of your child's physiological position then simply adjust by pulling on the end of the fabric that comes out of the loops. In a few seconds, your baby carrier is installed and your child is comfortably curled up against you.

easy baby carrier

Sling June 22 Palm Sensation model - photo credit @aureliedebrun

If the sling is the easiest baby carrier to install and a must have for everyday babywearing, it is not necessarily suitable for very long babywearings. Indeed, the sling is an asymmetrical carry (on one shoulder), and can become less pleasant for carrying large children over long periods of time.

But if you are a fan of this mode of carrying, you can very well use a double sling which allows you to distribute your child's weight on both shoulders.

The Meï-Taï or Chinese baby carrier

The meï-taï, also called Chinese baby carrier offers a relatively easy installation. A soft pocket and four straps allow you to carry your baby without making knots or complicated adjustments. The 2 lower straps allow you to attach the baby carrier around your waist while the 2 upper straps attach over your shoulders. If you find that this baby carrier is easy to put on, wait until you see the rest...

The preformed baby carrier

This is probably the ultimate easy-to-install baby carrier. Since it is designed for this. Plastic, clips, a Robocop look.

If you shop with friends at Decathlon and if the style of clothing is secondary for you, then this is probably the model of baby carrier for you. It installs easily and once it's adjusted to your size, just slip it on and clip it on to secure your child. On the other hand, the preformed baby carrier is not recommended for newborns. Be sure to look carefully at the manufacturer's recommendations on the minimum age and size required.

If like me you are looking for a baby carrier that is easy to put on, comfortable, physiological with a guaranteed trendy look, then the next one on the list is made for you.

The Easy-Baby, the baby carrier that is easy to put on and trendy.

If the sling is an evolution of the sling, then I can say that the Easy-Baby is an evolution of the Chinese baby carrier.

Instead of making a knot with the fabric around your waist, you find the same double ring system as on a sling. So you can easily adjust the waist size with just one hand. The Easy-Baby is perfect for surrogate mums and surrogate dads. It is an easy to use, very comfortable and really hot baby carrier.

Baby carrier Easy Baby beige

Choose a baby carrier that is easy to put on

To conclude, there is no absolute truth, the baby carrier that will suit all types of carrier parents does not exist. It will depend on your needs, your desires, and you can quite opt for several types of portage. The sling from birth for the house and daily outings, and the Easy-Baby for long-term babywearing, for example!

February 26, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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