Are you looking for an original and useful birth gift for a loved one or a friend? For this, June 22 offers you products that will delight both the mother and the newborn. So why not give him an original birth gift that will be very useful to him?

1. The Organic Cotton Sling Baby Carrier

No more complex knots and long scarves. Indeed, the June 22 sling baby carrier is very practical and easy to adjust thanks to its rings. It is installed directly on your shoulder by simple adjustment to accommodate the wearer and the baby perfectly. With the June 22 Carrying Sling, the cherub will be in place in seconds and the wearer's hands will be free. In addition, the Sling Simple from June 22 offers the best comfort for both mother and child. Indeed, throughout the day, it remains very practical whether it is during breastfeeding , your small shopping or even during your journeys in public transport. On the other hand, thanks to its lightness and small size, it can be stored very easily in a diaper bag or handbag.

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2. The dry hot water bottle, a very useful present

Initially filled with rice, cherry pits or other types of seeds, dry hot water bottles are very useful when the baby is cold or has a stomach ache. Indeed, it is enough to put them a few seconds in the microwave or a few minutes in the oven to heat them up. The main advantage of dry hot water bottles is that they are not dangerous for babies. Indeed, dry hot water bottles give off a fairly gentle heat and thus limit the risk of burns. In addition, it is totally possible to personalize your hot water bottles, such as having the newborn's first name embroidered for example.

birth gift dry hot water bottle

3. A personalized comforter

A personalized cuddly toy is an original birth gift that everyone will remember for a long time. Indeed, it is then difficult for your baby to do without his cuddly toy and carry it everywhere. For the baby, his cuddly toy that he adores so much is the most essential present there is. The personalized cuddly toy was made especially for newborns and is completely customizable. As a result, a wide choice of personalization is possible to offer an original gift for a baby , namely the size of the cuddly toy, the patterns and colors of the fabric and thread, the addition of the baby's first name in embroidery or in print or still adding various accessories. In addition, it is quite thin, which makes it easier to hold and handle for the baby.

original birth gift

4. A June 22 nursing t-shirt

Designed to meet the expectations of the breastfeeding mother and her baby, the June 22 brand breastfeeding t-shirt is perfect for maintaining the intimacy of breastfeeding. Woven in soft and elastic material based on Oeko-Tex certified cotton and elastane, it guarantees more comfort for both mother and child in a soft and healthy way for the skin. During breastfeeding, the June 22 t-shirt is very practical and facilitates access to the breasts discreetly and quickly. It is an original and useful birth gift that will delight any mother who has a breastfeeding project.

useful birth gift

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5. More safety for your baby with the baby monitor

Giving a baby monitor to a future or young parent is like giving him security for his baby. For many parents, the use of a baby monitor is really important to watch over their child while they sleep. Indeed, it offers the possibility of hearing the baby if he starts crying during the night. In addition, with some baby monitor models, it is possible to have a camera to see if the newborn is sleeping well. On the market, you can find several types of baby monitor such as the audio baby monitor, the video baby monitor, the connected baby monitor for smartphone addicts and finally the long range baby monitor.

Original and useful birth gift

6. Slippers, a useful birth gift

Daily essentials, slippers are recommended as soon as he is born. Even being warm in his blanket, the feet of the little one need to be warmed up. As a result, the slippers then help him to have a stable body temperature. Slippers are very trendy and offer more comfort for your baby. The choice is very wide to give an original look to your child. Classic, lined, trendy or rock'n'roll, there's something for every budget and every taste, it's up to you to choose what's the most fashionable to give as a birth gift to your loved ones.

Useful birth gift

7. A personalized pacifier clip

The pacifier, pacifier or tototte is a very essential accessory for the baby. Indeed, sucking is an innate need in infants. Day and night, a baby has a constant need for his pacifier. So why not give him a personalized pacifier clip? Indeed, to prevent your child's pacifier from falling or so that he does not lose it, a pacifier clip can be an original, useful and affordable birth gift . Very convenient, this small cord fitted with a small clamp allows you to attach the pacifier to the baby's clothing. While respecting safety standards, the risk of strangulation is non-existent. Therefore, in case of blocking of its strap, the clip detaches automatically. Many types of pacifier clips are available on the market.

baby gift

8. A night light

In the baby's room, a night light is always essential. Indeed, while your child sleeps, a night light brings him a soft light which is pleasant for him to have a good sleep. It also allows parents to come and comfort or feed baby during the night without having to turn on the main light. A night light is therefore recommended to amaze your child and reassure him. We recommend a night light with a battery, which allows you to leave the night light connected to a fixed place, or to move it according to the needs of young parents.

Birth gift for mom

9. The baby footprint kit

The footprint kit for toddlers is an original and useful birth gift idea . It is made to immortalize her little feet and little hands for life. Available in several forms such as ink pad, paste or plaster, the baby footprint kit is really a very special and unique birth present to preserve the eternal memory of his first months.

baby footprint kit gift

10. A birth album

A baby's first year is full of first times and picture moments, inspiring you to take dozens of photos every day. To immortalize this, give him a personalized birth photo album to keep and centralize the beautiful memories he lived from his birth until his first candle.

birth album gift

11. Activity mat

The awakening mat is a very nice idea for a birth gift . In order to develop motor skills and all of baby's senses, young parents simply need to place their child on the activity mat, and that's it. Baby will try to catch, play, and mouth everything around him. The mats are designed with different textures and colors, with or without arch and padding that allows optimal and comfortable development of the infant.

birth list activity mat

12. Bibs, very useful birth gifts

Known as a classic among birth gifts, bibs are very useful for a baby. Indeed, it is essential to recover the food and the milk that falls from its small mouth and thus avoid changing it after each meal. To give more fun, why not offer personalized bibs for your child? For this, you can choose bibs with his photo printed on it or bibs with his first name written on it in embroidery or printed. You can also choose between different types of bibs such as apron bibs, plastic bibs or fabric bibs.

practical birth gift

13. A personalized bodysuit

You can find a wide variety of customizable bodysuits with the baby's name embroidered or printed. Moreover, they can also come with cute designs and personalized phrases, making the newborn adorable on any occasion.

personalized birth gift

14. A bathrobe

A cape or a bathrobe with a hood is a very good idea for a birth gift. Made with soft and thick cotton terry, the bath capes ensure good water absorption after baby's bath. A multitude of choices is also available, both for models and for colors.

original and useful birth gift for baby

15. A stuffed pajama holder

The pajama rack is a very simple and effective solution for storing a baby's pajamas. With the help of its closure which is located in the back, it allows to gather all the effects for the night of the baby namely his pajamas, his comforter, but also his pacifier. Equipped with a mobile pillow, the plush pajama holder is also a very original, soft and tender decorative element for the baby's room. To satisfy the young child, offer him a pajama range that represents his favorite animal such as a puppy, a mouse, a bear or a lion.

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October 09, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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