Are you breastfeeding or want to breastfeed your child? If so, you could use a few accessories to make your job easier. With time and experience, accessories to help breastfeeding mothers have developed. Today, there are practical tools to accompany you during this adventure.

Breastfeeding clothes

Nursing clothes are essential for successful breastfeeding. In fact, when you are on the move, it will be easier for you to feed your baby if you are wearing suitable clothing. Generally, nursing t-shirts with a side opening have an opening on either side of your chest. The June 22 store offers you t-shirts with discreet zips on the side. At times when you need to breastfeed, you can simply unzip these zips and feed your baby discreetly.

zipped nursing t-shirt

Amor Mio Nursing T-shirt - June 22

This accessory is essential for you to feel comfortable breastfeeding outdoors. It's easier to do this without having to undress completely. You will no longer have to fight with your clothes or camouflage yourself behind a diaper. The zips are easy and practical for quick and efficient breastfeeding.

The nursing bra

A basic element of nursing mothers' wardrobe, the nursing bra is an accessory not to be forgotten. It keeps your breast in place, but can also be easily detached to present your breast to your baby. Equipped with clasps above the cups, you just have to unfasten the front of your support to release your nipple. However, be sure to favor supports that can be unclipped easily with one hand.

nursing bra

Investing in a nursing bra is essential. Especially because your chest will have developed with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your breasts must therefore be maintained daily without being compressed.

The co-sleeping bed

He is a bit of a nocturnal savior for nursing mothers. The co-sleeper is a small bed that attaches directly to your marital bed. In this way, even at bedtime, you can be close to your baby. This in complete safety because your child has his own space.

co-sleeping bed

The co-sleeping is a real ally to your breastfeeding. Indeed, at night, when your baby wakes up to eat, you don't have to get up. You can simply straighten up to grab it and place it to your bosom. You can feed it directly in your bed without having to get out. Fatigue being very present at the beginning of maternity, you will be happy to be able to stay in the warmth and comfort of your sheets. You will be able to breastfeed while remaining in a half-sleep before putting your baby back in his co-sleeping bed and continuing your night.

The breast pump

There are two types: the manual breast pump and the electric breast pump.

The first allows you to express your milk gently, at your own pace. By a regular pressure of your hand, you will pump your breast and thus collect your milk. This category of breast pumps is convenient to take with you everywhere. You can relieve the tension in your breasts by discretely expressing your milk. The manual breast pump is quiet and fits easily in your purse.

draws milk

The second is based on an electric function that pumps your milk without effort on your part. Very convenient, you put it in place and let the machine do the rest. It's a real boost for lactation, because the electric breast pump stimulates your breasts. The pumping is regular and does not depend on your efforts. There are single and double pumps. The double pumping is carried out simultaneously on both breasts and therefore saves you time. However, most require mains operation.

Lanolin cream

Indispensable for your first breastfeeding days, lanolin cream is very useful. It acts primarily in prevention. By applying it to your nipples, you moisturize them and prepare them to receive a feeding. Well hydrated, they are then softened to best accommodate your baby. Don't worry, this cream is safe for him and there is therefore no risk of getting it on your nipples during feedings.

But if it plays a role of prevention, it also intervenes as a means of healing. Indeed, at the beginning of your milk adventure, it is difficult to place your baby correctly at the breast. It is a learning that you must do together. It takes a few weeks to set up a routine. However, during this learning process and when you first start breastfeeding, your breasts are under great strain. They are not used to being so angry and can therefore be irritated and hurt. You may develop what are called "cracks". Quite painful, these can take some time to subside, as your child continues to suckle and use the same area.

This is where lanolin cream comes in. You can apply it to your nipples so that it acts on your wounds and soothes the pain. Its effect is effective and will allow you to continue breastfeeding. The little trick? Do not hesitate to put cream on your breast pads so that your nipples can bathe in them all day.

Breast pads

Practical, nursing pads offer a certain comfort in your bra. These pads are usually circle-shaped and sit directly against your nipple. A real accessory for nursing mothers, they allow you to absorb the milk that flows outside of feedings. This is because when your breasts are filled with milk or receive stimulation, milk may leak out. If you don't wear pads, this milk spills over your bra or t-shirt. You will then have to deal with tasks on your chest.

By using the pads, you escape uncomfortable leaks. There are two types: washable pads and disposable pads.

The sling

The sling is a wonderful combo for young nursing mothers. It combines both the benefits of babywearing and a practical way to breastfeed. Carrying helps soothe your baby if he suffers from colic or gastroesophageal reflux. It also ensures him a privileged contact against you and envelops him in a warmth that soothes him.

breastfeeding sling

Sling Palm Sensation - Photo credit@minichou_family

When you've mastered the art of babywearing, you can start breastfeeding your baby in the sling . By holding him close to you, you are attentive to the slightest signal of hunger and can give him a feed before he has to ask for it. With your baby snug in the sling, you can also breastfeed while doing other things with your hands. In addition, you can favor skin-to-skin contact during these moments of portage.

breastfeeding accessory

Nude model sling - photo credit @chamercurio

By combining the sling with one of our breastfeeding t-shirts, you put the odds in your favor for practical and effective breastfeeding.

Storage jars

Storage jars are ideal for creating a stock of milk. When you go away or return to work, it is important to build up a supply of milk. This can be given to your child by the person who keeps it.

mother's milk storage jar

These pots are then very practical to use. You can store your milk in them and place them directly in your fridge or freezer. In a fairly compact format, they take up very little space and can be taken anywhere with you.

In addition, they may be useful to you when diversifying. They will be able to accommodate your vegetable purees and your fruit compotes. These pots are therefore economical in addition to being practical.

Nursing pajamas

Breastfeeding at night is a headache for many sleep-deprived moms. with comfortable nursing pajamas you will gain precious seconds of sleep.

Nursing pajamas June 22

Breast shields

Silicone parts, the nipple shields are placed directly on your nipples to help you when breastfeeding. They are used when your baby has trouble suckling your breasts. This can happen for several reasons.

If you have retracted or flat nipples, unfortunately your child cannot grasp your nipple in the most adequate way. It becomes difficult for him to develop his ability to suck and feed himself. By using nipple shields, you make it easier for her. It can thus regain the shape of a nipple that is easy to suckle.

In addition, when you are injured and have cracks, the nipple shields can become real allies. They allow your baby to nurse while letting your nipples rest. Protected by the nipples, these are not so stressed and can recover more easily.


Nursing shells can play several roles. Composed of two shells, the shell is placed directly in your bra. The first shell is placed on your nipple and the second, equipped with holes, is placed on the first and facilitates ventilation.

This shell comes to play two roles to help you during your breastfeeding. First, she will collect the milk that naturally flows from your breast when your baby suckles on the other side. Indeed, when you are breastfeeding, a certain amount of milk naturally escapes from the breast which is not sucked. This easily collected milk can go straight to your fridge or freezer for storage.

breastfeeding shell

Secondly, the shell helps relieve your nipples if they are sensitive. It will act as a barrier between your breast and your bra and will prevent the unpleasant friction of the fabric on your irritated skin. It also helps the healing of your cracks.

June 16, 2021 — Athéna Beltran

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