Sling Vichy

€41,67 €55,00



Birth up to 10kg.

Available in 2 sizes:


the ally of newborns and first months. Ideal for parents carrying up to 42 in height and measuring 1.70m maximum. Shorter and narrower version.

LONG: longer and wider version for more comfort, longer. From birth and without size limit for the wearer.

This sling vichy baby carrier is easy to use and physiological.

Our promise? Make motherhood easier!

Because all babies need to be carried, June 22 accompanies you in your daily life.

In 1 minute you have unsheathed your sling and comfortably installed your baby.

No more colic and crying! Your baby is reassured, calmed down, curled up against you.

Happy mom = happy baby!

Organic cotton is the perfect ally for newborns and beginners in wearing!


Usable from birth up to 10kg.

Tested by many health professionals, used in hospitals and NF approved.


100% organic cotton for total respect for baby's skin.

Organic cotton sling is soft and breathable.

The fabric stretches only in its width to offer a smooth support without rebound effect.


You think it is complicated?!

To realize how easy it is, it's this way!

June 22 comes with an explanatory user manual.