Ghislaine, pediatric nurse since 1984 at the CHG of Meaux, mother of two grown up boys

What does carrying mean to you? 
Babywearing is human warmth in complete safety. Feeling protected when the baby is in its first months of life by hearing the heart of its parents and breathing their scent.

When choosing a baby carrier, what should you pay attention to? 
The baby carrier must be comfortable for the baby and for the person wearing it. Soft for the sensitive skin of this little being, breathable but also solid. Aesthetics counts but in a second time.

What do you think of June 22? 
My opinion on June 22 is that of a grandmother who lives with the times. The colors offered are modern, it is easy to transport and the children feel good and calm in it!

October 10, 2018 — audrey timbert kiavué

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