Brandon Ostéopathe, very young and happy father of Léon in Paris and in the Oise:

What does carrying mean to you?

Babywearing can have different aspects depending on the culture, but it always meets the same need: that of ensuring the transition between the intra-uterine and outside world. It provides a sense of security for the infant. The closeness he provides by being against his mother or father, and enveloped by the adult will create a lull for the child.

This technique allows parents to regain their freedom by having their arms free while continuing to reassure baby, who can continue his development in complete serenity.

It is very important at the beginning of parenthood in order to create a first bond with your child.

When choosing a physiological baby carrier , what should you pay attention to?

The most traumatic event for each individual is birth.

Passing through the maternal pelvis is the most difficult stage for a newborn, both physically and psychologically.

In the long term, the ossification of a baby is incomplete, which is why the physiological aspect of the cervical, shoulders and pelvis must be respected.

This preserved physiological aspect will allow a baby to properly pursue his psychomotor and cognitive development and also to set up his digestive system more serenely.

This last point is essential in the life of a newborn, it will be the cause of a large part of the crying: hunger, reflux, constipation, and colic.

It is therefore preferable to choose a baby carrier that allows you to maintain a breastfeeding position, and an optimal position to reduce digestive constraints.

Baby's skin at birth (and for a few months) is supple, and therefore very fragile. Baby does not yet have the dermatological and immune system required to avoid an allergy, or an epidermal reaction.

By prevention or conviction, each parent chooses the best diapers, nappies, and fabrics for their baby in order to prevent bad dermatological reactions.

It is the same for the choice of the baby carrier: the fabric must be adapted to the delicate skin of your baby, and that he can breathe correctly when he is against his parents.

What is your opinion on the June 22 slings?

The June 22 sling sling responds to all the points mentioned above, because it is fully adjustable. Thus it respects the physiology of a newborn and an infant.

June 22 has the particularity of having an organic cotton sling , which is perfect for a baby! It will allow better breathing, and the very soft fabric will save parents the worry of a skin reaction.

Made in France ensures a guarantee of quality.

The ease of use of the June 22 sling baby carrier is a significant asset when it comes to baby!

Whether it's a slimple sling or a two -band sling, these are naturally manipulable.

Little more: the tutorials of its creator Audrey, show us how to install them easily.

October 03, 2018 — audrey timbert kiavué

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