I introduce myself in a few words...
Sabi (Sabrina) 35 years old, mother of 3 boys (7.5 years old, almost 4 years old and 6 months old in a few days).
Trained as an engineer, I worked in wine for 10 years; I was technical and com director of an international pro (BtoB) wine fair
I made the choice to leave my "good" job, almost 2 years ago to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.
Passionate about babywearing, I trained to become a babywearing instructor with the aim of supporting parents and teaching them how to carry their baby. At the same time, I created Nova Mom, an e-shop of inspired selections for gentle & positive motherhood and awakened babies.
What should you pay attention to when choosing your baby carrier?
The means of carrying must respect the physiology of the baby, his needs, his morphology and his skills.
A few landmarks:
- The column must be rounded: baby's spine is in kyphosis = in C, it begins to straighten from the acquisition of the sitting position,
- The hip gap should not be forced: the maturity of the pelvis begins when baby eats his feet and is reached when he knows how to sit up alone
- The pelvic tilt: whatever the baby's age, the means of carrying must offer a good engagement/pelvic tilt (knees that go up to the level of his hips) 
It is also a carry that respects the wearer's physiology and comfort.
What do you like about June 22?
From a mono point of view, I like the sling because it is a means of carrying physio from birth. This short knotless scarf is easy to install and completely adjustable to the bearer/worn couple.
It's a quick carrier to take out on a daily basis to meet all the needs of mum-dad-granny-nanny and babies: cuddling, reassuring, falling asleep, transporting, waking up, walking, carrying...
But I also love June 22 because it's a French brand, made in France, the slings are great and made of very soft organic cotton. Perfect for baby's first months.
What is the essential advice you would give to a parent who wants to carry their child?
Let him follow his instinct because he is right. Carrying meets baby's needs for contact, reassurance and awakening and will promote his psychomotor development.
And that he participates in a carrying workshop;) It is always a very rich moment of exchanges around the needs of parents and baby. We talk about physio but not only... and we practice, the idea is really to understand what we are doing to wear comfortably, safely and peacefully.
Find Sabi's classes as well as this pretty Nova Mom shop on:
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