And yes ! Everyone will ask you this question: "but otherwise, have you created a birth list for Babychou?"

So if it's not done yet, I suggest you take a look at the Milirose site

Already two significant advantages: it's easy and free!

And then it will also prevent big aunt Raymonde from offering you yet another cuddly toy that you won't know what to do with!

In lack of inspiration for the birth list? It is true that sometimes we can be a little lost!
It doesn't matter Milirose has provided a "birth assistant" (no, no, he doesn't give birth for you, huh!) on the other hand, he helps you create the list by suggesting the essentials . Like, uh? Wait… the June 22 carrier?! But yes !

Not without laughing, you will be able to add the items you like from the websites of your favorite brands.
Once the list is complete, nothing could be simpler, you share it with your friends and family ! They book on the Milirose site and a link sends them directly to the website of the item of your choice.
Once a person has purchased a gift from your birth list, you will receive an email notifying you of the news.
It's practical because it allows you to have a follow-up and if ever certain essential gifts are not taken, it is good to offer them to yourself!

If you have gifts that are a bit expensive, such as a photo shoot, participants can decide to participate partially . Ideal for example for colleagues! Mine bought me Leonie's high chair, for example.

Another interesting feature if you really don't want to look for which items to put on the list: the kitty! This will allow you to spend the kitty yourself wherever you want.

And finally, you can customize Babychou's list with your colors and photos. This is my favorite side! You create your little universe to share with your loved ones.
Is not it awesome ?!

Come on girls, let's go to Milirose to make her birth list!

See you soon – Audrey, Founder of June 22

Ps: You will also be able for the future to create Christmas and birthday lists... We can't stop!

May 20, 2019 — audrey timbert kiavué

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